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How to recover deleted files from Android and Windows Phone?

Virtually all Android and Windows devices have the ability to expand memory space by using SD, miniSD and microSD cards. Installing an SD card is a simple way to increase the capacity of your phone or tablet. However, the presence of additional storage space for your files entails the risk of losing data on your mobile devices. The reason can be anything: random removal, virus attacks, operating system failure.

How to recover deleted files from Android and Windows Phone?

Can I recover deleted files from devices like Android or Windows Phone? This question bothers many users today. And the answer is definitely yes. Because, when you delete a file from your phone or tablet, the deleted file simply disappears from your eyes, but still exists in some part of the phone’s memory. All you need is a tool that can detect this file and return it. Comfy Partition Recovery is an easy solution for recovering deleted files on Android and Windows devices. Since these devices use standard FAT file system for SD-cards, you will need a data recovery tool that works with this file system. The Comfy Partition Recovery program will easily perform this function.

Recover deleted files from SD cards step-by-step:

1. First of all, you must stop using the SD card on your Android or Windows phone. Any new recording on your memory card reduces the chances of a complete recovery of lost data. Since you can simply overwrite them with new information;

2. Remove the SD card and insert it into the card reader connected to the computer;

3. Download and run Comfy Partition Recovery. Use this data recovery tool to scan your card and restore files.

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