How to recover deleted files?

Have you lost important and valuable files? Do you think that they cannot be returned? Do not hurry with conclusions: data recovery from hard disks is quite possible, especially if you spotted the loss immediately, since every time you write new information to the hard drive, you reduce the chances for successful recovery. Therefore, use such computer as little as possible until the files are restored.

How to recover deleted files

We offer you the following methods to solve the problem:

Check your Recycle Bin

This is where Windows stores “deleted” files as a security measure. If you find your files there, select them, right-click and select “Restore”.

Use a backup copy

If you regularly create a backup copy of your hard disk or at least your libraries, then your files are likely to be saved there.

Try file recovery software

There are many decent programs for file recovery. We recommend products by Comfy Software. They are easy to use and have an excellent reputation. Using utilities by Comfy Software to deal with damaged disks is absolutely safe, as all program operations are performed in read-only mode. In addition, Comfy Software utilities can be evaluated for free before purchase. You can find the deleted files and examine them in the preview. The free version performs all kinds of analysis, offering a convenient view of deleted files.

Hire a professional

This is the last resort, if none of the above suggestions works. Specialized companies perform high-quality and high-speed data recovery operations using special techniques and specifically designed algorithms. Highly qualified specialists will recover your data in a most efficient way.

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