How to recover deleted files from usb flash drive

To date, a flash drive is the most popular storage medium. This kind of media has conquered the market very quickly, and for a good reason. Affordable price, small size resulting in excellent mobility, high capacity and, of course, ease of use. Unfortunately, the flash drive is prone to various malfunctions, which lead to unwanted data loss. There can be many reasons for that: incorrect disconnection of the device, formatting, infestation with viruses and so on. Anyway, does it matter when information is lost? Especially if it’s an annual accounting report, working papers, valuable photos and videos. In such cases, there is only one thing you are worried about – can you restore files from such USB flash drive?

How to recover deleted files from usb flash drive

There are two ways to recover files to a USB flash drive after formatting or deleting them: turn to specialists for help or restore the data yourselves. If you have extra money to spend, then the first option is undoubtedly easier and better. Visit a company providing services in restoring information and, having paid a considerable amount, entrust saving your files to professionals. But why pay extra when there are so many special utilities available for data recovery, affordable and easy to use?

Recover deleted files from a USB flash drive:

With Comfy Partition Recovery you will be able to restore files deleted from a USB flash drive – by yourselves, quickly and easily.

File recovery with Comfy Partition Recovery is absolutely risk-free. When scanning the media, the program works only to read the data, without re-saving the deleted information. The function of creating a virtual copy of the media and the ability to recover data from it later significantly increases the percentage of the data that you can recover from a damaged or corrupted drive.

Recovery Wizard

The program lets you view the contents of the files being recovered and to search for, filter, and sort the files that were found for further recovery.

You can download the program to recover deleted files from a USB flash drive and try it for free.

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